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Welcome to HeroWork's Volunteer Portal!

At the top of this page choose the appropriate tab/link and follow the workflow. If you are unfamiliar with this portal, review the step-by-step instructions (with a video tutorial) through the dropdown menu associated with each tab/link.


Definitions of the tabs/links at the of this page:

  1. Volunteer Home Page: Links to the volutneer portal (this page).
  2. Shifts for Non-Trade Volunteers: Links to a calendar were all non-trade shifts are located. This tab is is where non-trade volunteers can choose shifts.
  3. Shifts for Trade Volunteers: Links to a calendar were all trade shifts are located. This tab is is where trade volunteers can choose shifts.
  4. Shifts for Group Volunteers: Links to a page were volutneer groups (both trade and non-trade) can choose shifts. But to access your group's shifts you will need the "invitation code" provided by your group leader.
  5. Register as a New Group: All groups are registered by HeroWork staff. Please complete the linked form and we will get back to you ASAP.
  6. Register as a New Volunteer: Links to a page where new volunteers can register.
  7. Log In: Links to a page where existing volunteers can log-in. This is also where you can reset your password if lost or forgotten.

If you are challenged or have questions, please drop a line to or call Paul Latour at 250-590-4221.