Text Instructions for New Volunteers (Video Below):

  1. Click the tab "Register as New Volunteer"
  2. Input your volunteer profile info, including your future "log in" info.
  3. You will be sent a verification code email. Go to your inbox. Look for an email from heroes@herowork.com. (Check you Junk Box if you don't see it.) Copy the 5 digit code and paste it into the appropriate box.
  4. Complete the Additional Information, including volunteer skills, availability, and emergency contact name/number. Note: A trade/professional should only fill out their section and leave the others blank. Likewise a Non-trade volunteers should only complete the General Help section and leave the others blank. You can select more than one field if more than one apply to you. Click "Finish." 
  5. Now click the appropriate tab for Trade or Non-Trade Volunteers. This will bring you to a calendar that shows you all the shifts currently available. Click on the shift and sign up!
  6. Record your log-in info for future use. If you forget, you can always reset your password through the "reset password" link within the "log in" area.